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    "Better than an expensive pair of Oakleys" - By Dave Dollarhide (KNOXVILLE, MARYLAND, US)
    After buying cheap-O sunglasses from Kohls for the past 7 yrs. I asked my optometrist what I should look for in a cheap pair of glasses, her reply was you want a pair that are polarized. As soon as I got home I searched amazon for polarized sunglasses and these were the 1st pair that stood out with rave reviews. I just received them . These sunglasses came in not only a hard case but a mesh bag and a plastic bag. You would think you just ordered a 500.00 pair of glasses. These were Absolutely a perfect purchase. If I at some point need another pair, I will definitely be buying another pair of these.

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    "Cuts out the glare!" - By Amazon Customer
    I got these sunglasses as a gift for my fiancé for our anniversary. He hinted one time that these were the sunglasses that he had been wanting for a while, but did not want to pay so much for them. Although they are at a fairly high price point, I would say they are exactly what he was looking for. They cut out almost all of the sun glare, and even help to see in rainy weather to decrease glare! Not to mention, these are extremely stylish and nice to look at. They fit his head perfectly and will be buying more of this style Oakley in the future (maybe for myself)!

    Only reason these are getting 4 stars is because I would have liked to spend less $$ on these! But for the quality, these were great.

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    "I love these sunglasses" - By from the midwest (Illinois)
    I love these sunglasses! This is my second pair of Rivbos sunglasses that I have purchased this year, one for home and one for my purse. They are very comfortable. I like this carrying case because it is slimmer than my other purchase. I love the ability to change lenses and have a use for all of them. I really like the polarized lens when I am Stand-up Paddleboarding. Able to see down into the water and follow the fish! Plus, they don't fall off when I fall in! I recommend these! I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased review

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    "Great alternative to expensive pairs." - By Syphon (Milwaukee)
    My favorites are Native and Sundog Sunglasses, but at 5-6x the price, I keep them locked away for races. I needed an alternative for general everyday and workouts. Hodgson's, based on reviews and value, seemed to fill the need.

    I like the look of these sunglasses. The packaged lenses which are a good size for my average oblong face and wrap around just enough that you don䠳ee the edges.

    The frames are very lightweight and are a very comfortable fit. They do not slip off my head even when sweating.

    The extra accessories it came with are nice: cloth, case, strap.

    No matter which lens I use, visually everything pops. My next pair will be the orange ones.

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    "Amazing large frame!" - By A.J. Guzman
    These glasses are great, I got them because they looked great and they said that they have a large frame. I have a big head so I needed a larger frame because with most glasses I make them look way to small. These glasses fit amazingly and I get compliments all the time on them. They are built sturdy and they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The lenses are no joke. by far the best glasses I have ever had. The clarity through the lenses is beyond amazing. I wouldn't trade these glasses for another pair.

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    "Great Customer Service, Decent Product" - By Travis & Bailey Selland
    I originally rated these sunglasses 3-stars because of the reasons listed below. I have since improved the rating to 4 because of the service provided by the seller. After my 3-star rating, the seller reached out to me and offered to give a full refund or to offer me an additional pair of their glasses at no cost. They sent me [[ASIN:B0192PT1M6 [Gift Idea] L.V.X.ING LVX543 Fashion Polarized Iridium Unbreakable Lightweight Tr90 Frame Sports Men and Women Sunglasses For Fishing Running Cycling Red/Black]] and I like those ones better, even though they don't have interchangeable lenses like these ones do.

    Pros: Price, lots of different frames
    Cons: Feel pretty cheap

    I went into this purchase with few expectations. I'm just getting into cycling and wanted a pair of glasses more for blocking wind than blocking sun. These glasses are a good option because they provide multiple ... full review

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    "They're not Oakleys, but considering..." - By Dean J. Lampe
    I have an everyday set of Oakleys that I use, but these are an excellent cheap backup/worry free replacement for them, IMO. The rainbow lenses that come pre-installed will be already scratched when you remove them and need to go in the garbage. It didn't matter to me however, as I was only after the polarized and yellow lenses for a viable pair of backup shooting glasses. They're surprisingly high quality and on par with the only pair of sub-$100 ones that I think are quality and will last. They'll blow the cheap gas station/Walmart ones out of the water, and really not even in the same league. Plus, these come with a case that is, really, worth the price by itself.

    I ended up buying 4 pair, as I shoot skeet and wanted a couple pair that would cover day and night for ... full review

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    "Great Sunglasses for Wide Heads" - By Andy R. (Rocklin, CA)
    Love the Fuel Cell Oakley's. I have a wide head and these are the only sunglasses I've found that wide enough and don't leave imprints on my head behind my ears. I wanted the basic Fuel Cell in polished black that wouldn't show finger prints and this was the best deal around.

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    "Excellent for narrow faces" - By John Smith
    I am an avid runner and bought these to replace another brand that broke after about a year and 1/2 of use. The half jacket is very light weight and comfortable. My first run with these was 19 mile trail run that climbed about 3000 feet in elevation. The half jacket never bounced around, slipped, and stayed comfortable for the entire run. For a fitted hat, I wear about a size 7....sometimes a 6 and 7/8 and these sunglasses have just a little room, but fit very well. If you have a wider face you will probably want to look at the other models. For me, I am happy to be back in a pair of Oakley's and will probably stay with them from now on.

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    "You know they're comfortable when you forget you are wearing them" - By Skyntri
    Oakley continues to evolve, with new innovations without compromising their legendary standards of quality. These glasses seemed to disappear after about 5 minutes. You know they're comfortable when you forget you are wearing them.

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    "Great glasses. Case zipper busted" - By Aaron R.
    Glasses are great. Was nervous that they would be knock-off polarized oakleys, but they are the real deal. The Oakley soft case arrived with a broken zipper..

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    "Five Stars" - By Arthur Maranan
    Perfect fit for me, polarize lens works well during driving

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    "Good glasses with a included luxurious case and cleaning cloth" - By Nina
    I needed a pair of sunglasses to keep in my car in case my son or I forget ours in the house. I ordered the black and red framed ones.


    * Sunglass case is a hard shell case in green with a red colored zipper
    * Included is a white colored cleaning cloth
    * Includes a very detailed informative care, cleaning, warranty guide
    * Lightweight sunglasses
    * Sunglasses are 100% UVA and UVB protection
    * 2 year warranty


    I love sunglasses. I never leave the house without a pair.These are lightweight inexpensive sunglasses. The hard shell zipper case and cleaning cloth makes it feel like these sunglasses are very luxurious. I feel these are a average pair of sunglasses you can find at a local drug store. I keep these in my car as a extra pair if someone in ... full review

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    "Great fit and comfort!" - By Nagarajan Venkatesan
    I did a lot of research before purchasing my Flak Jacket XLJ Polarized sunglasses. I was comparing Oakley with other brands and as well wondering if I had to buy Polarized after reading a few bad reviews.

    I'm very happy to have purchased it! The fit is great and very comfortable. Its very light in weight and the grip is very good that it can NEVER fall off your face. The coverage is good because of the extra protrusion in XLJ glasses that wouldn't be in the other. I do wear my regular prescription glasses at work but never miss to carry/wear my sunglasses whenever I move out/drive.

    My wife is full of praises for my sunglasses. :)